“Sadomasochism is an inside meeting, inside the same person, between instinct and drive”  S.Freud



All my equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

I own some surgical steel accessories. Some are designed for single use only.


Cross-dressing /feminization (make up and wigs are supplied, clothes are not provided)

Role –playing

Fetishism and feet worship (licking, stamping)

Visual and sensorial deprivation (blindfold, hood)

Dog collar with leash

Constraints (legs/arms constraint bars)



Frustration (chastity device)

Golden shower

Oral and physical humiliations (abuse, slaps, spits, scratches

Candles (hot wax)

Slap on the bottom (with the hand, the whip, the riding crop, the paddle)

Nipple touching

Anal dilation (manual or mechanical)

Dildo play (plug, dildo belt)

Testicles touching (mechanical or manual tightening)

Urethra touching (retractor, probe)

Cellophane wrapping up (apart from face)

Electrostimulation (with electrodes, whip, castor) on private parts, the thighs, the back (neither the neck, nor the chest or the head). Not suitable for people with heart conditions and/or with a pacemaker.


This list is nothing more than an introduction and is not comprehensive

However, I never achieve enema, I do not create neither piercing nor any technique which could result in bleeding or asphyxiation.