“Pleasure is meant for the body, good for the soul. Pleasure and good seldom match”L.Tolstoï




I practice domination only on people aged 40 or over.

Sessions take place in my boudoir in Nice downtonwn (easy parking) from Monday to Saturday

from 10 A. M to 7 P.M

Sessions can last one hour or one hour and a half.

If you want to meet me, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance.



Gift: per hour: 150 € and for an hour and a half : 200 € 



I can propose to you sessions with :

–  Pure dominance :  BDSM session devised for experienced submitted people looking for big thrills

– Soft dominance : Session devised for people who begin or who already have had some experience looking for new sensations

– Initiation to dominance : For those who want to but do not dare to. 


Do not expect any sexual relations and you are not allowed to touch me. I am never naked during a session.


I am very selective, I cannot stand coarseness, rudeness and you are not allowed to address me with “tu”.

You may send me an Email after the session to tell me what you liked and disliked.