I had a bourgeois upbringing, which explains why I appreciate satisfying my whims on the others. I have since always liked assigning myself the main part in various kinds of games and staging with no one being rude enough to challenge my orders.

Quite early in my life I was fond of reading stories advocating taboos with great taste.

Through reading, I could revel in dominance and submission staging. Identifying with the protagonists, I was holding the whip or the switch to punish the cheeky one. Following my way as a woman, it always seemed quite natural to me to have authority over my partners. Such awareness has drastically changed my life choices towards the dominance practice.

Quite logically, I put into practice what I felt with games between willing adults.



“No desire is to blame. Only repressing it is misdoing. The desires I regard as the most noble are the ones I regard as the most human, in other words as the most depraved” .

S. Dali





I regard BSDM as power sharing, as an activity in which I am given control of the feelings and emotions of anyone that acts as the dominated one. During a session, this person temporarily agrees to reject any responsibility. During this interlude, the dominated one loses their points of references, they see existence in a different way, free themselves from social constraints.

BDSM practice enables me to give free way to my own inventiveness and intuition. SM and dominance are empathetic activities in which both the dominant and the submissive one mutually trust each other in order to find the way of their own achievement.

This exercise, which is both exciting and erotic gives me great responsibility. As a dominatrix, I have to ensure the safety as well as physical and emotional integrity of the submissive one.

Consequently, it is quite essential that the session should take place within the limits of what has been beforehand negotiated and discussed.

My experience allows me to propose diverse types of sessions : “pure domination”, “soft domination” and initiation into the domination.

I do not ensure follow-up between sessions, mainly for time constraints reasons.

Whatever the situation may be, the frequency or the length of the sessions, I assume no obligation whatsoever. I am and remain the only mistress of the choice of my submissive ones.